the man with the golden top

the man with the golden top from Grant Wilkinson on Vimeo.

The second automatik foray into the world of straight8, this slice of retro action is a fromage to Michael Caine. Premiered at straight8 for the programme at the 2006 Rushes Film Festival

Exhibition History
Straight 8 @ Rushes Film Festival 2006 (31 august 2006)

Finlay Robertson as Larry Palmer
Montserrat Roig de Puig as Nancy Never Late
Rob Boyd as Freddie the Fixer
Carolyn Owlett as The Lady

Director, Writer, Producer
Grant Wilkinson

Tristan C Anderson, Rob Boyd, Angela Lazenbury

Assistant Director
Tristan C Anderson

Script Supervisor & Stills
Angela Lazenbury

Moon Junior

Originating Format Super 8, Mini DV
Running Time 3 mins 20 secs
Exhibtion Format DVD. Mini DV

 Larry Palmer   Larry, son of Harry 
 production still   production still 
 The Man With The Golden Top   The Man With The Golden Top