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Since I went to the Brighton Modular meet in the summer of 2012, I wanted an AtAtAt... It's a very simple passice triple attenuator, which is very handy in the modular world. The AtAtAt is offered by Thonk, which has a few offerings to DIY for modular synth types.

The kit comes with everything required barring a soldering iron, screwdriver and wire cutters. The documentation is available online, and makes this simple project even easier - what's great is no knowledge is assumed, and a few neat tricks shared, particularly around grounding lots of components neatly (which would have taken me a long time to work out for myself) and re-cycling the annoying little tab on potentiometers.

What to say? I took the full 'beginner's hour' to build, partly from making sure the mise en place was done, and actually reading the instructions first. A great wet Saturday afternoon project, and a very handy utility module.